Family-friendly Neighborhoods in Naples, Florida

Naples family friendly neighborhoods

Naples, Florida, is home to many neighborhoods. However, if you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly form, you’ll need to dig a tad bit deeper.

To make things easier, we’ve gone ahead to research and analyze 46 neighborhoods and 17 schools. Here, we took a close look at the driving distance from each community to each school. 

To make this listing more encompassing, we considered elementary, middle, and high schools. Here are our top 8 neighborhoods in Naples, Florida:

  1. Banyan Woods
  2. The Quarry New
  3. Hawksridge
  4. Willoughby Acres
  5. Delasol
  6. Camden Lakes
  7. Royal Harbor
  8. Briarwood

Note: Each of these neighborhoods has at least one schooling form (elementary, middle, and high) in a driving distance that’s less than 10 minutes.

Banyan Woods

Coming top of our listing, Bryan Woods earns top marks for being a family-friendly neighborhood due to the privacy and security available in this region. 

That said, the amenities on display at Banyan Woods reiterates that community feel. From numerous golf courses to a community playground for kids, fun is a central theme of Banyan Woods. 

If you’re looking for a suiting school for your ward, here are seven nearby alternatives to consider:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Mason ClassicalElementary6
Mason ClassicalMiddle6
Pine RidgeMiddle6
Lorenzo Walker TechHigh9

The Quarry New

If you’d like to reside at waterfront homes for sale in Naples, Florida, purchasing one in The Quarry New should be on your “to-do” list. 

With the main attraction here being the 280-acre lake, you’re bound to see nature in its full regalia as they’re lots of creatures resident in this encompassing water body.

There are six schools in this neighborhood’s vicinity. They include:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Naples ParkElementary6
Laurel OakElementary9
Pine RidgeMiddle5
Lorenzo Walker TechHigh9


Security reigns supreme at Hawksridge as this neighborhood is gated correctly to protect occupants. For entertainment, this neighborhood features a soothing scenery, all thanks to the lakes and surrounding environs. 

Home to single-family homes mostly, Hawksridge is a neighborhood in Naples where people seeking to settle down and start a family can achieve that seamlessly. 

Hawksridge presents to its residents six schools within driving distance. Let’s take a quick peek:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Mason ClassicalElementary6
Lake ParkElementary7
Mason ClassicalMiddle6
Pine RidgeMiddle7
Lorenzo Walker TechHigh8

Willoughby Acres

Albeit non-gated, Willoughby Acres is a neighborhood-based in the heart of Naples, Florida. Willoughby Acres is rooted in history as homes in this neighborhood date back to 1972.

A little distance away from the coveted Gulf of Mexico, the green landscapes at Willoughby Acres make this area one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

Willoughby Acres host six schools in close proximity, including:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Naples ParkElementary8
North NaplesMiddle7
Mason ClassicalHigh6
Gulf CoastHigh8


Delasol, a neighborhood rich in nature, is a preferred destination for retirees, single-family residents, and top industry professionals. 

Featuring over 200 homes, Delasol is well managed. If you’re looking for an entertainment hotspot, there are options crafted for you and your family. 

Tagged an “A+ school zone,” Delasol features five schools in close range, regardless of where you’re based:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
North NaplesMiddle5
Mason ClassicalHigh7
Gulf CoastHigh9

Camden Lakes

Camden Lakes is a neighborhood that sports a welcoming ambiance as residents get to engage in fun activities, all thanks to the varying social amenities (gym, fire pit, select picnic area, and a basketball court) on display. 

At Camden Lakes, over 150 single-family home structures spread out evenly across 60 acres of land. True to its name, Camden Lakes features three lakes that have made homes in this region perfect architectural masterpieces.

Located in North Naples, Camden Lakes has five schools in proximity:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
North NaplesMiddle3
Mason ClassicalHigh7
Gulf CoastHigh9

Royal Harbor

Coming to the fore of real estate in the 1960s, Royal Harbor has 400+ houses that consist majorly of single-family homes and some condos. Since this neighborhood is located around Naples Bay, intending residents will enjoy scintillating views of the waterline.

While some older structures have been revamped to reiterate a more modern stance, Royal Harbor is one of the few places in Naples where you can get decently-priced homes.

Royal Harbor is home to four schools:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Mason ClassicalElementary9
Lake ParkElementary7
Mason ClassicalMiddle9
Lorenzo Walker TechHigh9


If you have a penchant for mesmerizing views, Briarwood is one place to consider a home purchase.  That said, security is a top priority at Briarwood as this neighborhood is fully gated to assure residents’ safety.

Briarwood has integrated several amenities to give that community feel, including a large playing area for kids, tennis and basketball courts, and a community pool for everyone.

For Briarwood residents, there are four easily accessible schools:

School NameSchool TypeDriving distance (minutes)
Mason ClassicalElementary6
Lake ParkElementary8
Mason ClassicalMiddle6
Lorenzo Walker TechHigh9

What Makes a Neighborhood Family-friendly?

To know if a neighborhood is family-friendly or not, you’ll have to consider several aspects. However, we’ve done the research and sifted out focal considerations. They are:

Distance to School

It’s always best to be close to home at all times. With this in view, a family-friendly neighborhood must feature schools that aren’t so far away.

A teacher is asking a question in the class.

While education is a must for every child, having them travel long distances to reach their preferred institutions might prove disenchanting in the long run.

Here is the list of the top-rated schools in Naples we analyzed:


  • Seagate
  • Mason Classical
  • Lake Park
  • Naples Park
  • Vineyards
  • Pelican
  • Laurel Oak
  • Corkscrew
  • Osceola
  • Estates
  • Veterans

Middle Schools

  • Mason Classical
  • North Naples
  • Pine Ridge

High Schools

  • Mason Classical
  • Gulf Coast
  • Lorenzo Walker Tech

Criminal Rates

Before you purchase a home in a neighborhood, it’s essential to do in-depth research on the crime rates attached to that neighborhood. If it’s high, it’ll be best to avoid that community entirely as your family’s safety is a top priority.

burglar is breaking into the house

In the neighborhoods we’ve mentioned above, security is the order of the day. With most fully gated, residents can go about their daily activities without reservations.


Walkability is a vital aspect of any family-friendly neighborhood. So, what’s walkability? This concept refers to the distance at which people can walk, unperturbed. 

Neighborhoods on our listing reiterate the concept of walkability as they feature wide sidewalks, footpaths, and so on. These add-ons resonate with common aims: comfort, accessibility, great aesthetics, and most importantly, connectivity.

Nearby Shopping

Accessing goods and services in a neighborhood shouldn’t be daunting. Consequently, our results center on areas with accessible boutiques, farmer markets, supermarkets, drug stores, etcetera.

Inside of the supermarket

When choosing a neighborhood, this point should never be relegated to the background, as emergencies are bound to pop up at any time.

Close to Public Transportation

Although most residents might have a personal car to call theirs, there might be a scenario whereby this medium fails. Consequently, you’d want to be in a neighborhood that sports an excellent public transportation system. 

a public bus

Besides their cost-effectiveness, public transportation saves time, allows you to interact with new sets of individuals, and ensures that this transport alternative stands the test of time.


resort pool and bar

While life might be serious at times, a family-centric neighborhood must feature several amenities for everyone (young and old). Notable mentions include:

  • Firepit
  • Resort pools
  • Fitness center 
  • Basketball court
  • Community gathering rooms
  • Barbecue grill spots
  • Catering kitchen fire pit
  • Pickleball
  • Skate parks
  • Zoo’s

Is Naples Family Friendly?

Naples is a family-friendly town due to the vast array of entertainment spots and an abundance of schools for every form. The following data results from research on distances to high school, middle school, and elementary school in Naples neighborhoods.

Distances to High Schools

Driving distance to high schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida
Driving distance to high schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida

Driving Distances to Middle Schools

Driving distance to middle schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida
Driving distance to middle schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida

Driving Distances to Elementary Schools

Driving distance to elementary schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida
Driving distance to elementary schools from the different neighborhoods in Naples, Florida

Final Thoughts: Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida, has so many family-focused neighborhoods to give you and your family a great time. Looking at more than 40 different communities, we’ve brought out our top eight alternatives with educational institutes associated with each.

That said, the figures in the above tables had to undergo stringent fact-checking so that you have access to reliable facts. Now, the decision is yours to MAKE!

We suggest checking our other article where we listed top things to know when you move to Naples.

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