Waterfront Houses for Sale in Naples FL: 5 Best Neighborhoods You Must Check Out

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Naples is such a wonderful residential city. Its beautiful beaches and waterfront views are its main attractions, but people also stay in the city for its vibrant socio-economic activities. Also, Naples has some of the most highly-demanded neighborhoods in the states. 

Once you complete the moving-in process, you’d get to enjoy world-class restaurants, shopping districts, and other exciting places in the city. Therefore, buying waterfront houses for sale in Naples, FL, is an excellent real estate decision.

But, where do you look when you want to buy a waterfront house in the city? Indeed, making the purchase decision on the first house you find in an online search might not give the best value. You have to search for waterfront homes for sale in Naples, Florida that will be worth the buck and in a great neighborhood. 

This article outlines five of the best neighborhoods you should consider when buying a waterfront home in Naples. 

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Port Royal

Port Royal is a unique Naples neighborhood known for its luxurious apartments. The area hosts the Naples and Gulf of Mexico beachfront and has some of Florida’s most breathtaking oceanfront views.

Port Royal’s existence dates back to the late 1950s when Glenn Sample developed the area’s plan. Over the years, it’s evolved into one of the most sought-after waterfront neighborhoods in the country.  It also serves as a focal point for Naples and its connection with the Gulf of Mexico.

Generally, the listings in the area are luxurious and extensive. You can find waterfront houses for sale in Naples, Kings Town dr, Gordon, and other Port Royals areas. These houses typically have a multi-family layout with large bedrooms and baths.

Old Naples

Do you prefer a more “residential” waterfront neighborhood in Naples? Old Naples is right up your alley. Dating back to the early 19th century, the area stays true to Naples’ communal lifestyle with the inland cottages and several beach fronts. 

Old Naples had to experience vast development in the last few decades, and you can find custom-built waterfront houses for sale in Naples nowadays. Despite the overhaul, Old Naples didn’t lose its old beachfront allure, and you can see it in the fishing pier out to the Gulf of Mexico.

However, you’d find other features that matter as well, like world-class dining and shopping districts and links to several other inland recreational parks. You’re likely to get a better purchase deal when you consider waterfront houses in Old Naples neighborhoods.

Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is much suitable for people who’d love to pick up the residential beachfront lifestyle full-time. The area is a part of the MPGFC (Master Planned Gulf Front Community) and has set several standards for other neighborhoods in Florida.

Some of the perks you get are a residents-only beach club, concierge services, and access to several utility buildings. The listings in Pelican Bay are also extensive: you get to choose from condos, high-rise, and villa apartments. Some of the other facilities in the area include a museum and a retail center.

Coquina Sands

Coquina Sands has a more lush, tropical landscape and still, manages to embody the Naples lifestyle that would-be residents love. The area sits between Old Naples and The Moorings and draws inspiration from both of them. 

You can see the diversity in the waterfront property listings as well. There are various home types on sale on Coquina Sands, from single-family apartments to condos and luxury estate homes. Plot sizes could start anywhere from 650 sq. ft and reach up to 3000 sq. ft. 

Another differentiating feature you’d notice with waterfront houses on sale in Coquina Sands is their architecture. The buildings are rich in detail, catering to whatever style you might prefer. Also, the homes have witnessed changes over the years, with a new renovation and development phase beginning in 2016.

Vanderbilt Beach

Luxury waterfront houses for sale in Naples are an excellent real estate option, but how good can they get? You’d need not look further than Vanderbilt Beach. It’s one neighborhood with luxury waterfront homes that fit a broad range of budgets and styles. 

You can find single and multi-family apartments, as well as high-rise buildings. Furthermore, Vanderbilt Beach has ample access to major commuter roads and utility centers in Naples, and you feel right at home in time once you complete your home purchase in the area.

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Buying a Waterfront Property in Naples: What You Need to Know

Naples, FL is one of the choicest cities where you can buy a house and get a great bargain once you do proper research. As with any real estate market, the forces of price, supply, and demand mean that the Naples real estate market can be unpredictable, and certain areas don’t offer as much value as others.

However, buyers can make the most of the situation once they observe due diligence. It’s best to hire a real estate agent who would offer professional recommendations and analyze each waterfront property in Naples, Florida on your list before you purchase. 

Also, do local research on Naples’ real estate waterfront property trends in the last few years. They might indicate a favorable purchase potential or otherwise.

One other essential detail buyers tend to overlook is the financial implications of buying a waterfront home. Financiers often have a discrete mortgage requirement for this property type, and you have to understand it before deciding any further. 

Closing fees, creditworthiness, and interest rates usually exist in fine prints. They could hamper your chances of getting the home, even when you initially thought you had the financial means to complete the deal. A real estate agent could assist you with the process.

Final Words

The neighborhoods in Naples discussed above are some of the best places to find listed waterfront homes. These neighborhoods retain the correct links with the inner city area while having enough beachfront to make the entire experience worth your while. 

Also, the properties in those areas exist in different layouts and styles that are sure to appeal to you regardless of what kind of buyer you are.

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