What Life in Naples is Really Like: A Guide to Relocating to the Paradise Coast

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Naples is an excellent city for vacationers. There are many incredible sights, including the sedating oceans, white-sand beaches, and irresistible shopping complexes. Even better, you can watch the pink sunset from some locations within the city.

To understand what life in Naples is really like; consider coming for a vacation first. Most people fail to make the distinction between living in Naples and holidaying in Naples before their relocation. As such, they may not find what they expected upon their move.

After all, not all that glitters is gold. Luckily, this lesson provides first-hand knowledge on living in Naples, Florida, pros and cons. You may now ascertain if life in Florida’s most exotic location is as you imagined.

What Are the Beautiful Things to Enjoy in Naples?

Start With the Pleasant Climate

Naples has one of the loveliest climates in America. Some may consider it the best if you consider the complimentary beaches. 

There are over 250 days of warmth and glow in Naples yearly, making for the perfect spot to take crystal-clear pictures and unforgettable memories. What’s better? Winter is equally pleasant: best believe that January’s average high is 76° temperature!

The Beaches Have to Come Next

Relocating to Naples offers you endless hours reveling in the white-sand beaches. Understandable, given there are over 30 of these beaches spread across the city. It’s common knowledge that most tourists flock to Naples to appreciate these amazing works of nature.

The city keeps these beaches clean and pristine. Therefore, you can do all you want in the white sand. Do you want to pick shells, kayak, or lounge? There’s no better place to appreciate the orgasmic pleasure of listening to the waves splash and roar. 

Low Crime Rates

Life in Naples is beautiful and exotic. Therefore, crimes are pretty low across the city. The community has a violent crime rate that’s 90 percent lower and a property crime rate 35 percent lower than the national average. 

However, the populace remains security-wise. One can never be too safe even if the city is one of America’s safest cities! There are several gated neighborhoods in Naples. Consider checking for that when buying a house in Naples, FL.

You can spend time tanning in the brilliant sunshine, admiring the beaches, and enjoying the golf courses, or enjoy the stunning sunsets and art. 

Golfers Finally Have Their Heaven

The Paradise Coast smiles on everyone, putters inclusive. Naples boasts the second-most putt holes per head worldwide. With over ninety 18-hole clubs to enjoy, rest assured you’ll spend your whole days on the green.

Naples may be your slice of heaven if you enjoy golfing. It’s no coincidence that the Paradise Coast currently goes as the “World’s Golf Capital.” There’s nowhere better to get on your gaming groove!

Income Tax? Try the Next State

Naples allows you to optimize your budget, as Florida doesn’t charge taxes on income. Therefore, it’s amongst the top places people are currently moving to in Florida. Yes, that’s what life in Naples is really like currently.

The absence of income tax is a welcome development considering that some states charge up to 37 percent income tax on specific individuals.  You can always gatecrash the party if you no longer appreciate the tax rates in California, New York, and other high-tax states.

Culture and Art Take the Front Seat

Are you an art enthusiast? Living in Naples, Florida, in 2021 must excite you! Naples is a culture and art kernel that contributes to national art significantly.

There’s a long line of sophisticated art galleries across the state, including the Barbara B. Mann and Artis-Naples. Also, you’ll get to participate in reputable art shows, such as the Naples Downtown Art Show and the Naples National. 

In essence, you don’t have to travel to other states to enjoy art and culture. Naples provides enough alongside adventures, including boating, fishing, part exploration, and wildlife encounters. 

Thriving Job Market

We saved the best of what life in Naples is really like for the last. Naples ranks among Forbes’ most conducive American cities for job growth. Thanks to the unending entrepreneur activities that characterize the city.

Fancy your chances if you’d appreciate a career in nature, art, and good food. In addition, there are excellent opportunities to secure appointments in nonprofit organizations. ASG Technologies, ACI Worldwide, and Arthrex are popular labor employers in the town.

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Living in Naples Downsides: What You May Dislike

The Weather May Be Less Than Ideal

Some people don’t find the intense Naples sun comfortable, and that runs from June to September. As such, these persons may not have maximum fun on the beaches. Sunburns tend to be the norm.

In addition, hurricanes may come to visit during Summer and Fall. Keep the weather radio close to prepare accordingly.

Housing May Be Expensive

Properties in Naples cost considerably higher than most cities. It’s even telling that these prices don’t stop growing. Consequently, houses under $300,000 are an anomaly rather than the norm. 

With a median home cost of $569,000, Naples costs more than its parent state, Florida, in this department. You may have to team up with a trustworthy realtor to minimize costs. 

Wildlife Remains a Part of the Circus

Wild animals are appealing and deserve to live, no doubt. However, no one appreciates waking up to a python or alligator in their garden. Sharks and bears are familiar sights, too, in Naples.

As such, it’s advisable to deploy measures that keep your property off-limits from these intruders.  

Wrapping Up

Life in Naples is fantastic and relaxing. You’ll have excellent job opportunities, your children have excellent facilities to enjoy, and your seniors get to appreciate the splashing waves and soothing evening air. You also get to enjoy a low living cost.

There are only a few disadvantages, which you may resolve with some effort. You may check out a life in Naples magazine for more first-hand experiences, but first, what are your thoughts on what life in Naples is really like?

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